Annual Conference


November 15 - 18 2022

The 2022 MEA Conference will be hosted by the City of Toronto and will be held at the Chelsea Hotel in downtown Toronto.  This will be the MEA's 62nd installment of the annual conference and the first time it will be held in downtown Toronto!

2022 Conference Theme:

Untapped | Re-engineering & Realizing Opportunities To Meet Future Demands

Stay tuned for more details on the conference program and sponsorship opportunities!

Hotel Information
Chelsea Hotel - 33 Gerrard Street West,
Toronto, ON M5G 1Z4
More information on reservations will be posted soon!

The Chelsea Hotel is holding a block of rooms for the MEA at $189.00 per night (plus taxes).  Hotel rooms can be reserved via the following link:

MEA Conference & AGM - Chelsea Hotel Toronto


Stay tuned for more information on the conference sponsorship program and how your company can be a sponsor. 

Bridge Building Challenge:
The annual Bridge Building Challenge is held each year during the Workshop.
Submitted bridges get tested to failure. Challenge is open to MEA members and
Download Bridge Challenge Rules

Annual Steve Carroll Memorial East-West Hockey Classic:
The annual hockey classic is also held each year during the Conference.
Annual East/West Steve Carroll Memorial Hockey Classic

Download Hockey Classic Rules










Past Conference Presentations


1. Amma Wakefield - The State of North American Asphlat Binder Specifications 

2. Devin Sauer - The new Canadian Infrastructure Benchmarking Initiative

3. Enrico Stradiotto - Minimizing Excess Soils with the Use of Rigid Pipe

4. Hilda Esedebe - Bass Pro Mills Environmental Assessment Study Showcase - Challanges & Opportunities

5. Mike Aurilio - Review of FHWA-NJ-2015-1010: Performance Testing for HMA Quality Assurance

6. Ray Wilcock - Spiral Rib Pipe for Storm Sewers - Sustainable, Resilient & Durable

7. Tim Smith - Transitioning Municipal Infrastructure to a Low Carbon Economy Using Portland Limestone Cement (PLC)

8. David Di Pietro - Locomotive 6167 Relocation

9. Arup Mukherjee - Update on OPS 101 Course

10. Saidur Rahman - Municipal Engineers: Wake Up and Lead Your Organization's Asset Management Planning!

11. Jesse Hopkins - Is Road Safety Infrastructure Part of Your Asset Management Plan?

12. Roy Tal - Automated Road Based Incident Detection Using Artificial Intelligence

13. Karan Jandoo - Excess Soil Management in Ontario 

14. Dan Cozzi - Municipal Engineer's Assocation - What we've been up to in 2021

15. Amin Mneina - OPS General Conditions of Contract - What's Coming!

16. Catherine Morreson - MEA/ACEC Standard Form of Agreement 

17. Chris Chen - Integrating Climate Change & Asset Management Planning - Sector-wide Considerations

18. David Campbell - Nuclear Innovation Institute - Green Energy Initiatives

19. Paul Knowles - Municipal Class EA

20. Prasoon Adhikari - City of Guelph Snow Disposal Facility

21. John Tarantino - Asset Management Level of Service

22. Nick Larson - Asset Management at OCWA



1Dan Cozzi - MEA Update

2 George Weider - History of BMR

3Andrea Wilson - South Georgian Bay All Season Heritage

4Brian Wickenheiser - Bridge Rehabilitation

5.  Fred Dobbs - Natural Channel Restoration

6Eric Chassard - Bruce Power's Major Component Replacement Program 

7Mansoor Mahmood - National Harmonization of Construction Codes

8Aziz Ahmed - Area-Wide Linear Infrastructure ECAs

9Aziz Ahmed  Updates to the MECP's Watermain Disinfection Procedure

10Colin Baker - Downtown Infrastructure Renewal in Elora

11Daniel Twigger - City of Barrie Drainage System Models

12Angela Carley - West Gormley External Sanitary Sewer

13Edgar Tovilla - Wastewater Regulatory Tools Improvements

14Michele Grenier - Emerging Water Issues in Ontario

15Ed Graham - Smart City Solutions

16Ray Wilcock - Environmental Impact of CSP 

17Chris Thompson - Introduction to Cold In-Place Recycling

18Andrea Boddy - Specifying Certifications

19Sam Sidawi - Asset Management Planning for Municipal Infrastructure

20Joe Tiernay - Challenges of Creating Asset Management Plans

21Saidur Rahman - Climate Change Adaptive Design 

22. 7 Acres

23Mark Buchanan - Emergency Management Planning Using a Hydraulic Water Model

24Duane Lindner - Envisioning a Sustainable Future

25Reg Russwurm - MCEA Amendments

26.  Walter Kenedi & Andrew Turnbull - MTO Bridge Inspection Update