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February 16, 2021

Interested in strengthening your organization’s strategic and operational resilience?

Or in advancing and integrating your organization’s Climate Change and Asset Management capabilities?


The conference will provide tools for municipalities to integrate their climate change adaptation and infrastructure asset management planning. Featuring sector leaders and experts, the conference will galvanize conversations around how this integration can make municipal service delivery more sustainable and resilient.
Municipalities are at the forefront of climate change adaptation. As stewards of approximately two-thirds of government-owned infrastructure across Canada, municipalities are on the frontlines of adapting their infrastructure to cope with changing climate conditions. It is an exciting opportunity and a daunting challenge.

The Climate Change and Asset Management conference features actionable presentations and workshops by leading practitioners as well as case studies and panel discussions from Ontario and other jurisdictions.
The conference will take place virtually in three parts:

  1. Frameworks & Climate Risks: February 22-23, 2021
  2. Planning & Financial Considerations: March 22-23, 2021
  3. Policy, Research, & Collaboration: April 26-27, 2021