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DFO Regional Engagement Sessions

March 30, 2021

As a follow up to regional sessions that occurred earlier in March, Fisheries & Oceans Canada (DFO) is providing an opportunity for MEA members to join a national Open House session. 

These special two-hour virtual Open House events will provide opportunities to share your views with the FFHPP team on several of the key engagement products important to MEA, and to receive support on how to participate on the online platform. The Open House events are designed to provide the opportunity for participants to have their voices heard and see how their feedback helps to support and shape DFO’s proposed frameworks, practices, regulations, and policies.

The Open House events are scheduled for two hours in duration over three dates, select the links below to register.  Pre-registration is required.

-March 26 from 1-3PM EDT (in English),

-April 1 from 12-2pm EDT (in English), and

-April 8 from 9-11 am EDT (in French).

Each session will offer the opportunity to focus on two particular products, or discussion areas. Participants will be asked what area they would like to focus on. Please ensure you review the recommended materials available on or provided to you via email beforehand and come prepared to provide your feedback. Our aim is to create a safe and open environment where participants feel comfortable exchanging ideas.

You can send your queries or any technical challenges you encounter to the following address: FFHPP generic inbox .