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Pavement Condition Evaluation Study

January 14, 2022

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Today, Ontario municipalities use at least six different evaluation strategies for pavement condition. This variability in indices creates inharmony issues between transportation agencies when it comes to asset management information sharing. Having local agencies use inconsistent pavement condition metrics results in considerable variability in reported levels of service for similar assets, in similar geographical locations under similar loading conditions.
There is a need to standardize the pavement condition evaluation methodology used by infrastructure owners across Ontario. This standardization would result in four key benefits:
1.    Improved quality of the asset management plans being developed/refined;
2.    Improved benchmarking capabilities allowing for municipalities to compare pavement network condition and costs;
3.    More accurate allocations of funds as well as strategic funding decisions at both the provincial and municipal levels of government; and
4.    The ability to establish a province-wide pavement monitoring and evaluation program and other province-wide initiatives.
Good Roads is making an effort towards standardization through research studies and advocacy efforts. We appreciate your time (~10min) for completing this survey. 
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