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CRI Climate Risk and Adaptation

September 15, 2022

Engineers and infrastructure practitioners are seeing images and reading reports of climate impacts and risks. Climate change, including extreme weather, is pushing the critical infrastructure that serves our communities up to and quite often past its breaking points.  

To manage current and future climate risks, we can update the way we procure, design, operate, maintain and our infrastructure, and can learn to understand and use what the climate models are telling us. We must adapt our practice and our infrastructure in a rapidly changing climate. We can get better at understanding and managing climate risks, preventing or limiting disasters before they occur, and planning for resilience when they occur. There are communities making progress in adapting. 

For infrastructure professionals, adapting to climate change is now an imperative.  Fortunately, for engineers, planners and others working at any stage of the infrastructure life-cycle, there are solutions - including tools to assess climate risks like the PIEVC Protocol - and there are experts who are sharing their knowledge and experience through CRI’s professional development training programs.  

Climate Risk Institute has been working over the summer with the learning experts at Royal Roads university to bring you updated training programs on an advanced learning platform, blending the best of both self-paced learning and live, interactive sessions with experts and your peers. We think you’ll appreciate the opportunities this new platform presents for your learning.  

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CRI’s upcoming courses:  

  • Management of Climate Risk for Instructure Professionals: Begins Sept 22nd. Register directly via Climate Risk Institute.  
  • Climate Change and Infrastructure Risk Assessment – the PIEVC Protocol - Registration open.  
  • Climate Law for Infrastructure Practitioners. Start date: Oct 28th, 2022. Registration opening soon. Sign up for direct notifications
  • Climate Smart Policy and Procurement. Start date: November 7, 2022. Registration opening soon. Sign up for direct notifications

Climate Change Adaptation Training for Prairie Region Planners. Start date: October 27, 2022. Registration opening soon. Sign up for direct notifications