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Letter from Ontario Minister of Transportation

February 24, 2023

Bellow is a letter the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) highlighting ongoing goals and commitments of the Minstry. 

Dear Valued Partner:

It’s a privilege to serve as Minister of Transportation as we work towards our shared goals for Ontario’s transportation sector. I look forward to working with you and all our partners across the province as we deliver on our government’s ambitious mandate to build essential infrastructure, enhance transportation and transit systems and improve road safety in Ontario.

Under Premier Ford's leadership, I'm incredibly proud to be part of a government with a clear plan to build Ontario. At the Ministry of Transportation, that means building long-overdue infrastructure projects that help fight gridlock to get people and goods moving, like Highway 413 and the Bradford Bypass.

Our government has committed over $158 billion to expand the province's infrastructure over the next 10 years. Our comprehensive plan includes more than $25 billion over the next 10 years to support the planning and construction of highway expansion and rehabilitation projects across the province. We are committed to enhancing our province’s transportation network to facilitate the efficient and effective movement of goods, including access to the Ring of Fire.

We also recognize that building reliable, fast and frequent rapid transit is the key to unleashing our full potential. That's why we’re investing more than $61 billion to transform public transit in Ontario over the next 10 years.

And while we are moving full steam ahead to get shovels in the ground on new and expanded highways, roads, bridges and transit, our mandate goes much further than just getting things built. That’s because a successful transportation network is one that is not only efficient, but also safe.
Working closely with stakeholders and our municipal partners, the Ministry of Transportation has taken a hard look at our current road safety measures and has taken decisive action where it has made sense to do so.

As just one example from our previous mandate, we passed the Moving Ontarians More Safely Act, better known as the MOMS Act, introducing measures like longer driver's licence suspensions and longer vehicle impoundment periods for drivers who engage in stunt driving, street racing and aggressive driving. We will continue the progress we have made on road safety and, with our valued partners, will ensure the province's roads and highways remain some of the safest in the world.

By working together, we will continue to lay the foundation for Ontario's lasting economic growth and prosperity. I look forward to furthering our collaborative relationship as we build a stronger, safer, and more resilient transportation network for years to come.

Should you have any questions, please contact Luca Campagna, Director of Stakeholder Relations, at 416-454-4642 or

Caroline Mulroney
Minister of Transportation