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MCEA Amendment Approval

March 6, 2023

On March 3, 2023, the Minister of the Environment, Conservation & Parks (David Piccini) approved an amendment to the Municipal Class EA (MCEA).   This concludes a lengthy process that started in the spring of 2019 of MEA working with MECP to amend the MCEA process.  This amendment involved a significant re-write of many sections of the MCEA . MEA is still reviewing the approved document - but based on our preliminary review, we can confirm that the amendment includes:

  • Provisions whereby 18 different project types can be shifted from Schedule B/C into Schedule A (exempt) after the proponent completes the Archeological Screening Process (ASP)
  • The cost thresholds in Appendix 1 have been adjusted to the 2022 values of $3.0m, $4.1m, $12m
  • The cost thresholds associated with bridges have been removed and projects are classified as Schedule A (exempt) or Schedule B
  • Transition provisions have been included in section A.1.4

To review the complete amendment, CLICK HERE.

In the very near future, the MEA will be republishing the MCEA Companion Guide which includes the approved MCEA document and also helpful interpretation advice from the MEA. MEA will also be providing various training webinars about the amendments.