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Coming soon: DFO’s Fish and Fish Habitat Protection Program (FFHPP) Wave 3 Engagement on Policies, and Other Program Instruments

March 29, 2023

Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) launched a multi-year wave engagement strategy and created the “Talk Fish Habitat” platform to seek feedback from Indigenous Peoples, partners and stakeholders, and interested Canadians to inform the development of new regulations, policies, and other program instruments that are being developed to align with the amended Fisheries Act.  

In 2020, DFO launched Wave 1, followed by Wave 2 in 2021. DFO is now announcing that FFHPP Wave 3 is coming soon. In this wave, conversations will be held on: 

Offsetting Policy and Habitat Banking Guidelines: 

  • The dialogue will continue on, Offsetting and Habitat Banking by providing an opportunity for more feedback that will allow FFHPP to refine its approach to modernizing its offsetting policy and habitat banking guidelines. 
  • Input on the scope, key concepts, and proposed approach to shape the policy and guidelines will be sought  

New Interim Standard and Codes of Practice:  

  • DFO will engage on an interim Standard for site isolation intended to address Wave 1 feedback.  
  • DFO will also engage on four proposed new interim Codes of Practice:  
    • Dock, moorings, and boathouse repair, maintenance, and construction;  
    • Bridge repair and maintenance; 
    • Municipal and agricultural drain maintenance; and 
    • Repair and maintenance of in-water structures.  
  • DFO will be seeking input, on the clarity and scope of the new interim Standard and Codes of Practice, to validate and improve on measures to avoid and mitigate impacts to fish and fish habitat and, as appropriate, to refine the document’s scope. 

Framework for Aquatic Species at Risk Conservation: 

  • DFO - Species at Risk Program is seeking input on a new approach for conserving Canada’s aquatic species at risk. This Framework for Aquatic Species at Risk Conservation will serve as a policy guide for applying multi-species approaches to help deliver on DFO’s Species at Risk Act responsibilities.  
  • DFO - Species at Risk Program engaged on key concepts related to multi-species approaches in Wave 2. Based on feedback from that engagement, a framework has been drafted and will be shared in Wave 3. The draft Framework includes principles, criteria, and recommendations for the application of multi-species approaches to conservation. 

DFO invites you to visit the Talk Fish Habitat website at for more information on the Wave 3 topics and upcoming technical sessions.