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MCEA User Guide is Now Available!!

September 20, 2023


After several months of development, the new Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) User Guide is now ready and available for purchase!

The MCEA User Guide includes the MCEA document with appended notes providing useful interpretation, tips, and advice on the amended MCEA for practitioners.  The new user guide replaces the former MCEA Manual & Companion Guide.

The MCEA User Guide (September 2023) is a copyright protected document by MEA and is currently available for purchase in hard copy format only.  To order the hardcopy version, CLICK HERE.

Note:  You will need to login in order to order the manual.  Shipping of the MCEA User Guide is estimated at 7-10 business days.

The MEA is working on developing a digital version of the MCEA User Guide that members will be able to view (included with your membership; subject to an annual subscription fee for non-members) but we do not expect this to be ready for several months. We will keep you posted about this.