Ontario Provincial Standards for Roads and Public Works (OPS-MUNI) manages the development and production of construction drawings, construction and material specifications to facilitate harmony and standardization in the design, tendering and construction of roads and public works accross Ontario. Established in 1984, OPS-MUNI is managed jointly by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and the Municipal Engineers Association, and  of equal importance is the involvement and support of many other assocoatopms representing contractors, consulting engineers and manufacturers.



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OPS General Conditions Survey

The OPS General Conditions Committee is seeking is working on the coming update (Nov 2024) and part of the Committee's workplan is to obtain feedback from stakeholders on the current version of the OPSS.MUNI.100. 

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Request for Comments

Consider the following when submitting your comments:

  • Are there section(s) in this standard that are no longer valid?
  • Are there any new technologies or methodologies that you would like the committee to consider?
  • Are there any section(s) in this document that are not clear in their intent?
  • Do you know of any specific sections that typically cause disagreement(s) between municipalities and contractors?
  • Do you have any recommendations for the committee in general?
  • Are there additional standards that should be referenced to meet industry demand? And if so, which ones?
  • Are the References shown (e.g. CSA, ASTM, etc.) up to date?
  1. The OPS Environmental Committee is currently in the process of updating OPSS.MUNI 180, General Specification For The Management Of Excess Materials, in order to reflect the requirements of O.Reg 406/19 for On-Site and Excess Soil Management under the Environmental Protection Act.
    to view the list of standards included in the work plan.
    If you have feedback regarding use of this specification, please send comments to Don Kudo - Chair of OPS Environmental Committee; donk@Wellington.ca
  2. The OPS Watermains Committee is in the process of creating a new standard(s) covering the topic of "Table of Restrained Lengths for Ductile Iron and PVC Watermain Pipe". if your municipality has local standards and/or drawings on the topic, please forward them to Paolo.Masaro@Richmondhill.ca 



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