Mission and Mandate

Our Mission

To provide unity and focus for licensed engineers employed by Ontario’s municipalities through addressing issues of common concern and by facilitating the sharing of knowledge and information.

Our Mandate

  • Develop and champion positions on municipal engineering issues
  • Advocate for sustainable municipal infrastructure practices
  • Advocate the benefits of professional municipal engineers for Ontario municipalities
  • Enables knowledge development and dissemination in the field of municipal engineering
  • To be the leading authority on municipal engineering practices
  • Develops maintains and distribute best practice technical documentation and expertise for use by both private and public sector municipal engineering practitioners.
  • As Joint owner with the MTO. manage/promote and keeps the Ontario Provincial Standards System as the provincially recognized authority for the design and construction of municipal infrastructure.
  • Provide a venue through which members can network, socialize and share knowledge
  • Provide mentorship and career growth opportunities
  • Is the proponent and maintainer of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process for Municipal Public work.