Annual General Meeting

The MEA generally holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at its annual workshop in the third week of November of each year.  Click HERE for the 2019 AGM Notice

At the meeting, the reports of the association Board, Nominating Committee, the Treasurer, and the Auditor’s Report are presented and reviewed for Members comment and acceptance. In addition, reports of the various association committees, and those with MEA representatives are presented to update the membership. All of these reports are contained in the “MEA Annual Report to the Annual General Meeting” which is now distributed to the membership via email in digital format, or can be picked up at the meeting in printed form. Digital copies of these reports are attached to the right, once they become available.

Also at this meeting, the term of the current President and Board of Directors expires, and a new Board is elected by the Membership. Following the adjournment of the AGM, the new Board of Directors elects one of its members to be the new President, another to be Vice President, and another to be Treasurer/Secretary.

The link to the minutes of past AGM's is attached below, once they become available. However, the most recent Minutes from the last MEA AGM are still in "draft" form awaiting approval. These minutes have been accepted by the Board for presentation to the MEA Membership on the website, but they are still to be approved by the Membership at the next AGM.

Past AGM Minutes