Previous Presentations

Past Conference Presentations
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  1. Concast Presentation Video
  2. Dana Thorne - Over the Waters - History of the Blue Water Bridge
  3. Joe de Koning - Use of Light Weight Cellular Concrete to extend roadway service life and level of service
  4. Inderjit Hans - Bridges over the Grand River Brantford’s Connected Future
  5. Ryan Hunt - Sewer Upgrade Project
  6. Farshad Salehzadeh - Thermistor
  7. Jackie Kay - Howitt Creek Sanitary Encasement and Erosion Protection
  8. MEA Awards Luncheon Slides 2023
  9. Doubra Ambaiowei - Pushing Forward Environmental Stewardship and Better Quality Asphalt in Ontario
  10. Lucas Bromerchenkel & James Smith - Unintended Consequences of Seasonal Load Restrictions
  11. Reg Russwurm - MCEA Update to MEA Conference 2023
  12. Nathan Bokma - Overview of St. Thomas Battery Plant Project
  13. Adamou Saidou - Designing for the Future - Standards for Climate Resilient Municipal Infrastructure
  14. Paul Marsh - Is the Drainage Act past it's Best Before?
  15. Lyle Johnson - OLC Project
  16. Adam Gilmore - Braking Boundaries
  17. Dan Cozzi - MEA Bylaw Presentation at Conference
  18. MEA Presidents Gala 2023
  19. Erin Dee-Richard - Oil Heritage in Lambton County
  20. Bradley Dufour - Long Point Causeway Bridge Replacement - LEA
  21. Dan Cozzi - MEA UPDATE Presentation at 2023 Conference
  22. Clayton Watters - Ajudication
  23. George Elliott - FBCL Bridge Hierarchy Nov 2023


  1. Managing Utility Coordination at the Program Level - A York Region Case Study_Steve Murphy
  2. PEO's Role in Engineers Canada's 30 by 30 Initiative_Helen Wojcinski
  3. Soil Contamination Design Implications & Lessons Learned_Evan Cassidy
  4. Innovative modelling methodology of Finch West LRT corridor SWM model_Julian Li
  5. Mitigating contractor risk premium_Reg Russwurm
  6. Strategies for Capital Delivery in a World of Uncertainty_Terry Gayman
  7. Remote-controlled self-inspections_Bassem Khalil
  8. Closed but not forgotten managing the City of Torontos closed landfills_Sumantra Datta-Ray
  9. Kingston Third Crossing Bridge - Integrated Project Delivery_Mark Van Buren
  10. Planning and Building the Largest Outfall_Kevin Waher
  11. Leveraging Technology & Data Capture through Telematics_Kong Seto
  12. Snow Storage & Disposal Facility_Roslyn Lusk
  13. Reducing Chloride Impacts on Waterways from Municipal Salt_Jim Hartman
  14. Results of a Pilot Test_Abe Mouaket
  15. YongeTOmorrow building the future of downtown Yonge Street_Violetta Savage
  16. Marrying Grade Separations with Complete Streets Design to Support Transit-oriented Communities_Hilda Esedebe
  17. Integrating Active Transportation Projects into State of Good Repair_Ellen Bennett
  18. Contaminated Right-of-Way Management Program (CROWMP) and System (CROWMS)_Stephen Li
  19. Ontario Reduced Load Period Determination of onset and removal dates_Alain Beaulieu
  20. City of Mississauga's Integrated Road Program_Jeffrey Reid
  21. City of Torontos Net Zero Existing Buildings Strategy_Devon Stopps
  22. Unlocking the Potential of Municipal Engineers in the Circular Economy Transition_Meaghan Davis
  23. Advancing with top notch asset management (Part I)_Saidur Rahman
  24. Advancing with top notch asset management (Part II)_Arnold Yuan
  25. Preventative Maintenance in Asset Management_Arup Mukherjee
  26. Use of RCM at CoT_Robert Klimas
  27. Update of OPS 101_Arup Mukherjee
  28. Progress on the Development and Implementation of Improved Asphalt Acceptance Specifications for Ontario Municipalities_Simon Hesp
  29. Asphalt Mix Performance Checklist for Municipalities_Sina Varamini
  30. Municipal Class EA Updates_Dave Thompson
  31. Wheatley Gas Well Investigation Update_Ryan Brown
  32. A Revolution in Public Works Permitting_Benjamin de Haan
  33. Transforming Toronto The Transit Expansion Office_Derrick Toigo
  34. General MEA Presentation_Dan Cozzi


You can now re-watch the 2021 Virtual Conference presentation recordings

1. Amma Wakefield - The State of North American Asphlat Binder Specifications 

2. Devin Sauer - The new Canadian Infrastructure Benchmarking Initiative

3. Enrico Stradiotto - Minimizing Excess Soils with the Use of Rigid Pipe

4. Hilda Esedebe - Bass Pro Mills Environmental Assessment Study Showcase - Challanges & Opportunities

5. Mike Aurilio - Review of FHWA-NJ-2015-1010: Performance Testing for HMA Quality Assurance

6. Ray Wilcock - Spiral Rib Pipe for Storm Sewers - Sustainable, Resilient & Durable

7. Tim Smith - Transitioning Municipal Infrastructure to a Low Carbon Economy Using Portland Limestone Cement (PLC)

8. David Di Pietro - Locomotive 6167 Relocation

9. Arup Mukherjee - Update on OPS 101 Course

10. Saidur Rahman - Municipal Engineers: Wake Up and Lead Your Organization's Asset Management Planning!

11. Jesse Hopkins - Is Road Safety Infrastructure Part of Your Asset Management Plan?

12. Roy Tal - Automated Road Based Incident Detection Using Artificial Intelligence

13. Karan Jandoo - Excess Soil Management in Ontario 

14. Dan Cozzi - Municipal Engineer's Assocation - What we've been up to in 2021

15. Amin Mneina - OPS General Conditions of Contract - What's Coming!

16. Catherine Morreson - MEA/ACEC Standard Form of Agreement 

17. Chris Chen - Integrating Climate Change & Asset Management Planning - Sector-wide Considerations

18. David Campbell - Nuclear Innovation Institute - Green Energy Initiatives

19. Paul Knowles - Municipal Class EA

20. Prasoon Adhikari - City of Guelph Snow Disposal Facility

21. John Tarantino - Asset Management Level of Service

22. Nick Larson - Asset Management at OCWA



1.  Dan Cozzi - MEA Update

2 George Weider - History of BMR

3.  Andrea Wilson - South Georgian Bay All Season Heritage

4.  Brian Wickenheiser - Bridge Rehabilitation

5.  Fred Dobbs - Natural Channel Restoration

6.  Eric Chassard - Bruce Power's Major Component Replacement Program 

7.  Mansoor Mahmood - National Harmonization of Construction Codes

8.  Aziz Ahmed - Area-Wide Linear Infrastructure ECAs

9.  Aziz Ahmed  Updates to the MECP's Watermain Disinfection Procedure

10.  Colin Baker - Downtown Infrastructure Renewal in Elora

11.  Daniel Twigger - City of Barrie Drainage System Models

12.  Angela Carley - West Gormley External Sanitary Sewer

13.  Edgar Tovilla - Wastewater Regulatory Tools Improvements

14.  Michele Grenier - Emerging Water Issues in Ontario

15.  Ed Graham - Smart City Solutions

16.  Ray Wilcock - Environmental Impact of CSP 

17.  Chris Thompson - Introduction to Cold In-Place Recycling

18.  Andrea Boddy - Specifying Certifications

19.  Sam Sidawi - Asset Management Planning for Municipal Infrastructure

20.  Joe Tiernay - Challenges of Creating Asset Management Plans

21.  Saidur Rahman - Climate Change Adaptive Design 

227 Acres

23.  Mark Buchanan - Emergency Management Planning Using a Hydraulic Water Model

24.  Duane Lindner - Envisioning a Sustainable Future

25.  Reg Russwurm - MCEA Amendments

26.  Walter Kenedi & Andrew Turnbull - MTO Bridge Inspection Update