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MEA 50th Anniversary History Book, "Sharing With Pride" MEA 50th Anniversary History Book with bookmarks for location of section
MEA By-Law Current by-law no.1 as amended by motion at the 2023 AGM

Sample Municipal Access agreement 2015 Oakville

Municipal Access Agreement Hamilton

Sample Municipal Access agreement 2015 FCM

Sample Municipal Access agreements that have been used as a basis for an agreement between Municipalities and Telecom companies.

York Region Presentation on Procurement of Projects/Services & Free Trade Agreements including CETA and CFTA


MEA/ACEC Ontario Client/Engineer Agreement for Professional Consulting Services

MEA/ACEC Ontario Agreement User Guide

MEA White Paper - MCEA Reform March 2019

MEA  RCCAO Letter Feb 12, 2019

The attached presentation from  York Region is for information only to assist members understand how free trade agreements may impact procurement of services



The MEA, working together with ACEC Ontario (Association of Consulting Engineering Companies Ontario; formerly know as CEO), has developed these documents which are model templates intended for the use and customization by municipalities arranging with consultants to contract for municipal engineering services.  Note: These documents are guidelines for the retention of consultant services and should be reviewed by each municipality’s legal and purchasing departments to ensure that any unique municipal requirements are addressed. The MEA and ACEC Ontario do not assume liability from the use of these agreements.


MCEA Amenmdents/Reform 2019 - Background Information


1984 MEA Design Mnual 2012 edits (small).pdf

1984 MEA Design Manual 2012 edits.pdf

MEA Publications Out of Print (no longer maintained, but available for download for information only)

OPS Order Form for MEA Discount Printed Standards


MCEA Outstanding Concerns Form

As a co-owner of the OPS Standards with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, MEA members can order printed versions of the standards at discounted prices, as per the attached form (which must be used to order).


MCEA Standard form for Outstanding Concerns