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Municipal Heritage Bridges Checklist (Apr 2023)
Criteria for Evaluating Potential for Cultural Heritage Resources

This checklist was prepared by the Municipal Engineers Association in consultation with the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries (MCM) to assist with undertaking cultural heritage due diligence as per the requirements of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment.


Marine Archeological Potential Checklist (Apr 2023)
Criteria for Evaluating Marine Archeological Potential

The purpose of this checklist is to help proponents determine if a property or project area may contain marine archaeological resources or have marine archaeological potential. A marine archaeological site is fully or partially submerged, or lies below or partially below the high-water mark of any body of



Archeological Potential Checklist (Apr 2023)
Criteria for Evaluating Archeological Potential

The purpose of the checklist is to determine:
• if a property(ies) or project area may contain archaeological resources i.e., have archaeological potential
• it includes all areas that may be impacted by project activities, including – but not limited to:
• the main project area
• temporary storage
• staging and working areas
• temporary roads and detours


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